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Hi there, it's been a few months since my last post or visit here.  Hearing distortion and T is still as intrusive as before but it doesn't distress me 90% of the time.  The other 10% - well, the T sound starts a negative thinking process but I recite a prayer whenever this happens and then after praying I just trust put my life in God's hands and stop the negative thoughts.  It works miracles for me. 

It's been a year since my T started and made me a different person.  Different doesn't necessarily mean "bad" ... it's just "different" and probably in a much better way.  I still very much enjoy life and I'm so glad I didn't jump off the roof during the first few months when it seemed like the only option to me I am more grateful for the things in my life, and I live much more for the present instead of living for the future.  There are a lot of other positive things I can think of that this condition have made me realize.

BTW, I went to a wedding party last month and wore a Panasonic noise cancelling headphones.  I really enjoyed the party but I'm also cautious and I gave my ears a break every few songs by going away from the music source.

I'm also thankful to this community and it's a comfort to know that you all are just here and that I have "somewhere to go" if I ever needed to.  This community has contributed to my healing by making me feel that I am not alone.  Thanks everyone!  Will be back again sometime
Good to hear from you, JC.  And so very pleased that things are going very well!  Not perfect, of course.  But quite well indeed.


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