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You don't add them.  Tinnitus loudness matching doesn't work like that.

And by the way, the noise level in the quiet whisper zone of a library measures at 30 dB - so even if you did add them, 26 dB still isn't much of a sound!

I can think of two reasons to do loudness testing.  Not sure how many folks are reading through the threads these days since the board just started back up, but maybe you or some others might offer your ideas on the subject before I tell you mine.

My candidates for reasons to do loudness matching are:

1. Most tinnitus when matched (properly matched at dBs over one's hearing threshold) is not very loud. It seems loud, feels loud, bothers one as if it is loud (and from a subjective point of view what appears loud IS loud). But by objective, external criteria, most tinnitus matches real sounds that are not really very loud.

2. The results of the matching will definitely show you that you are not alone. If you are tested at a clinic that sees a lot of tinnitus patients, you will find out that there are others with tinnitus that matches at a higher level than yours (and of course at a lower level).

3. If you are worried that the tinnitus is somehow getting worse, matching can show you that (at least according to the most accurate objective measures available), it is probably not.

Rob in Denver
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