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Hi Dr Nagler,

I would like to ask a question if I may but I'm not sure how to explain this strange noise.
First of all I think I have turned a corner and my T doesn't bother me as much as before. My life is back on track and I do feel pretty good  (all since joining the board I might add). But every once in a while (like now) I have this wierd sound that only comes on every couple of minutes or so. The only way I can describe it is like a drip into an empty can !
A bit like chinese water torture I guess but its very hollow sounding. It's not there all the time and I usually only get it when I've got ear ache as well.

Is this something anyone has experienced? It's the oddest of sounds. This is additional to my usual T noise.

Thank you. Just thought I'd mention it.

Hi Maccy,

Your not alone. I have heard the same sound many times. The difference is (or maybe not), I have tubes in both ears and I just wrote it off to the tube moving or trying to come out. I will agree, it's a strange sound.

Ah thanks for your message Jerry, thought I was going mad actually!!

It's strange though because since I posted the message I've not heard it as much, or perhaps I'm just getting used to it.

Mandy posted [in part]:

First of all I think I have turned a corner and my T doesn't bother me as much as before.


It is my belief that in tinnitus one is generally better off measuring progress quarter to quarter rather than month to month, week to week, or day to day.

Dr Nagler,

can you explain why you say that?

I am assuming it's because the T can fluctuate so much  in short spaces of time that it's better to say "well it's better than 5 weeks ago" etc ? Rather than trying to say today is better than yesterday?


You have it right, Mandy.

In my experience when a person talks in terms of "turning the corner" or improving because today is better than yesterday or this week is better than last week, that person is setting himself or herself up for disappointment when the next day or the next week turns out to be not so great.  Such is the nature of tinnitus - the improvement tends to be more gradual than that.

Any news on the 'new noise' Mandy?

My T noises seem to be settling down but Its taking its time. I'm trying to just accept it now. If it goes - great, if it stays - it stays. I just pray It doesn't get worse!

As for the rest, well today's been awful. All the usual discomfort. My ears feel all bashed in! Weird really, because I can hear pefectly well otherwise. I've not been around any noise either. I'm starting to think I must have some inner-ear damage. Wether it will settle over time - who knows?
Johnny posted [in part]:

As for the rest, well today's been awful.


Why has today been awful?  I realize that your ears aren't doing well, but how does that make today awful?  In other words, and I mean no disrespect, why do you judge your entire day by how your ears are doing?

Hi Johnny,

the new "plink plink" noise is still with me and it appears to becoming more frequent as well. A bit like a dripping tap into a metal bowl. Not nice at all. I really don't know what to make of it.

Dr. Nagler, you never replied if you had heard of this before so I am assuming that you hadn't.

Sorry today has been awful Johnny, but look at what you wrote before. You said if it goes great, but if it stays...well it satys. Now thats the right attitude. Positive thoughts every time.

Take each day as it comes, take it slowly. Try not to do what I did and wish I was Habituated yesterday!!! It's a long and natural process and it will take time.


Sorry, I didn't respond because of your post that seemed to indicate it was resolving.  But you are right in that I don't have any idea what it is. 

It might help to remember that the gain on your auditory system is turned way up (thanks to your autonomic nervous system doing it's job) so you are apt to become aware of a variety of auditory stimuli that would have otherwise largely gone unnoticed.

Hi Dr Nagler,

yes I think you absolutely right. Since T paid me a visit, everything has become about the Ears, so to spreak. I don't give it as much attention as I did atfirst but everything is super sensitive at the moment.

I'm just going to ignore it!

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