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I get fullness/vibration/pain in my left ear the has t and h.  I discovered  this ear is the most reactive to voices, including mine and the daily noises of life.  My ear was hurting today so I put my custom maximum protection plug in and it felt immediately better. I was thinking of buying custom attenuating earplugs (musician earplugs) that would enable me you use decibel filters. My thinking is that this would relieve me of the discomfort that I get on a daily basis when I step out the door and prevent further damage.  


Mark, I apologize for getting some of the participants here confused, but have you undergone a complete work-up and had an accurate diagnosis made by a clinician who is knowledgeable and experienced in tinnitus, hyperacusis, etc?

If not, I think that should be your next step.


PS - You are not doing further damage when you step outside!

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