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The Auris Medical thread started HERE.

I locked the thread because of a software problem.  Please continue it below.

Thank you.


This was my last post in the thread:

This is a very instructional thread.

Here is what we have in persective ...

It is pilot study with numbers too small to be statistically significant.  Moreover, the study is unpublished - so we have no assurances of the quality of the controls, the data collection methodology, etc.

Keeping in mind that most "favorable" pilot studies ultimately do not pan out, there are two things that the cautious reader would want to see before getting excited about this particular treatment approach.

One, of course, is a large scale blinded properly controlled study published in a juried scientific journal.

Can anybody think of the second?


The second ... is that the large scale study must be independently duplicated with basically the same results.  One study doesn't get it done!

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