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What is the story our there when it comes to caffeine and tinnitus?
Someone was telling me not to drink anything with caffeine, and that it causes T spikes. I drink coffee's and teas.. but i can't say i ever experienced spikes or increases (that i was aware of, i usually put alot of effort into ignoring it).
But would it be best if i cut down my caffeine consumption? has there been studies showing that it has strong negative effects?
Found this in the Daily Mail ..Micky ..

Tinnitus could be cured by cutting back on coffee, researchers say

Cutting back on coffee could help tinnitus sufferers.

Previous research has shown that caffeine can aggravate tinnitus - characterised by a ringing or buzzing noise in the ear.This month, a clinical trial will investigate this further, with sufferers cutting back on caffeine for 30 days to assess its impact.It is thought that the drug, found in coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, could make symptoms appear worse because it acts as a stimulant.Tinnitus is a relatively common problem, affecting 10 to 20 per cent of the population at some time. It is more common with increasing age.In one study, up to one in three people over 65 had tinnitus.The clinical trials are being held in Brazil - at the Valença School of Medicine, OTOSUL in Volta Redonda and the Federal University of Minas Gerais at Belo Horizonte.

They involve people who have had tinnitus for more than six months and who usually have more than three caffeine drinks a day. Participants will be monitored as they reduce their intake for a month, to see how much their condition improves.

There is no evidence whatsoever that tinnitus is aggravated in any way by caffeine, or indeed by any food or drink.  None.  And this study's methodology would need to be very rigorous (beyond what is described in this post) to prove otherwise.

Tinnitus does fluctuate, and no one knows why.  But I can tell you this.  If you monitor those fluctuations and try to correlate them with what you have eaten or drunk -- or for that matter, with any kind of experience -- the end result will be that you will focus on your tinnitus more, bringing it to center stage, and it will bother you more because you will be more aware of it.

In my opinion, eat and drink what you enjoy and don't give tinnitus the power to change that or anything else that is important to you.  Know that just getting on with your life and letting time pass is the key to improvement, as well as countering those negative and catastrophic thoughts that help the tinnitus dominate your attention and fuel its ability to bother and torment you. 

Rob in Denver

I drink coffee- and really enjoy it
And have not noticed any t spikes that I can remember from drinking it.
(though I also do not drink what I consider to be  huge amounts of it)

I am not in the medical field but -  I wonder -
Does intake of caffeine have an effect on blood pressure?
And if so would it be possible that the higher blood pressure may cause an increase in tinnitus in some people?
i used to monitor what i ate and drank and guess what
it was a self fulfilling prophecy. it made things worse.
i learned (from coming onto this board, i think) to stop doing that
and i am really grateful
the reverse has happened - the effects have decoupled
now i just let my t do its thing on its own time
and of course
i eat and drink what i want
there is one exception: MSG
any comments?
it seems like sometimes i just put something in my mouth with artificial flavors or some other source of msg (it has to be a fair amount but often the source is hidden  and my ears go nuts for a while...
i understand msg is not a food but an excititory neurotoxin.



It's so much easier to blame something like cafeine (and of course, the life habits of tinnitus sufferers) than confronting places (clubs, shops, workplaces), which actually are so loud that they destroy your ears. If they talk about people having at least 3 caffeine-loaded drinks a day, I think that maybe these people have other issues as well (why do they drink so much caffeine to start with). Wouldn't withdrawal cause even more despair? That makes me think of this story about pregnant women and how they shouldn't eat chocolate, as it makes the foetus overexcited and could make an overexcited baby/child. I know of a woman who didn't have any chocolate during pregnancy, despite all the cravings. After giving birth the husband brought her favourite chocolates. Guess what: the nurse said: "You can't have chocolate now, your baby won't sleep for hours, as it passes through the milk you give him". And the nurse added: "If you'd had chocolate during pregnancy your baby would be fine now, as he would be used to it and it wouldn't have any effect on him anymore". My point is: just be sensible in what you eat and if you really feel like something one day, just have it. Tomorrow they will tell you that caffeine improves tinnitus. And, as I am a bit on the paranoid side, I think it's worth to remember that coffee is what we call an "international political hot potato", so think about the agendas behind.


Honestly some of these studies are ridiculous. The real deal is what is going on in places that are trying to restore hearing. Not these lame studies that anyone at home can do on themselves. Sounds like an extra credit study by some medical interns looking for an easy assignment so they can graduate to brain surgery.

Thatch, read Rob in Denver's post again and then re-read it.  He is absolutely right - as usual.  In the beginning I stopped drinking things I liked, stopped doing what I liked, stopped eating what I liked and what happened to my tinnitus?  Not a thing!  What did happen when I started doing everything I did before I wasn't aware of it as much.  Too busy doing what I had always done.  Anything you do to monitor your tinnitus will just keep your mind centered on it and that's the worst thing you can do.


P.S.  Welcome back Rob! 
Micky posted:

Found this in the Daily Mail ..Micky ..

Tinnitus could be cured by cutting back on coffee, researchers say


OK, Micky.  What is the Daily Mail?  Who wrote the article you are quoting?  And please tell us what it is about the author's background that gives us any reason whatsoever to feel that he or she has even a tiny bit of credibility.

I'm adding Rob in Denver's post above to the "Words of Wisdom" thread.


Very good words of wisdom.  I used to be a freak about avoiding tea and chocolate.  Well now, I eat anything chocolate that doesn't bite back, have tea every so often.  Can't say it has affected the 't' one iota.

Hi Dr. Nagler,

In answer to your question, The Daily Mail is one of our national newspapers in the UK.

I am going to see if my local store has a copy left over from yesterday. It would be interesting to see whats been written. Just for the record, I, like everyone else who posted also stopped drinking, eating and doing and no, the T didn't change one bit when the foods were re introduced into the diet.

Dr. Nagler, may I ask if you have thought anymore about my question on the pain killers and my operations?

Mandy posted:

Dr. Nagler, may I ask if you have thought anymore about my question on the pain killers and my operations?


Thanks for reminding me.  I forgot.  My apologies.  I'll answer it right now.


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