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where i live possession isnt a big deal at all. You can carry 1/2 and ounce on you with no ticket, it just gets confiscated. Over 15 grams and you can get nailed for "trafficing".. but its doubtful, and even then its only a small ticket. That whole topic is pretty casual here, i've never heard anyone going to jail unless they were moving big units and were running grow-ops


Wouldent nesicarily smoke it......maby pot brownies would do the trick.


does ingesting weed do the same trick?


i would assume so, minus the lung smoke and direct blood gas ifusion of the lungs. dont want to load up my blood with thc

i know this thread died a couple weeks ago, but i wanted to bring up what masterchief originally did..

does anyone on this board use cannabis for t relief?

Never really got s stright answer, from any of the boards.

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