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Do you have just Tinnitus or H as well? Going under the knife would be a bit drastic don't you think? A bit scary?


I probably would'nt really but I just wanted to show how FRUSTRATED i am!!

I don't think Ive got H but I have become sensitive to lots of sounds esp treble and bass. Anything in between seems ok
I still have a bit of fullness and popping, but...

THE NOISE HAS ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last couple of days its got really quiet! It's like a low level hiss, before it was more ringy and intusive! I can sleep throught it too.
Do you think I've 'Habituated' the sound?

I don't want to get too excited just incase it comes back but I'm quite happy for now!

Just got to get shot of the 'fullness' now

That is really great news. Keep the positive thoughts. Don't get down if it does return. My ear fullness has subsided yet again. I started sneezing and had a sore throat for a day or two so maybe I did have a bit of cold.

Keep us all informed how you get on.

Thanks Mandy, I will do.

I'm also wondering wether the noise has always been there and I just never noticed it until it got louder??? Who knows. I'm doing my best to ignore it though in the hope that it completely disappears!

Thanks for all your support, I will check in now and again


one doctor I saw said that the sounds were in us, every one of us and T is only a perception of the noise and how we are tuned into it. So yes, that noise was probably always there but you never noticed it before until like you said it got louder, and the louder it became the more you listened and the louder it became......etc  Just forget it, don't think about it and it will stay quiet.
Hi Mandy,

I hope you're feeling better now?

That 'fullness' is a horrible feeling. Its weird how it comes and goes. Just when you think its gone it creeps up on you!

Hi Johnny, yes feeling better thank you.

Now then, tell us all....has the noise still stayed really quiet today as well?

Fingers crossed.

YES it has!!!!!!

I'm in my 5th day of quite T. I can only make it out if its dead quite or I plug my ears. Then it seems to turn up a bit so I'm going to ignore it, and not keep checking. Like I said before, maybe its always been like that anyway? My partner hears ringing in her ears if she listens for it. Maybe thats normal?

Still got that 'full' feeling though. GGGGrrrrrrr!!!! Seeing the dr today for some repeat fluoxetine tabs. I wonder if thats helped me? I need something for my anxiety too

Hi Johnny,
so pleased that the noise is quiet for you. Stop checking and listening for it! Pretend you never had it. Also is Fluoxetine an antidepressant? Also called Prozac?

I am on Sertraline at the moment. It seems to have calmed my anxiety although its an antidepressant.

I hope you are getting better Mandy?

Yes Fluoxetine (prosac) is an anti-depressant. Its supposed to help with anxiety and ocd tendencies. It's definately taken the edge off for me, can't tell if its had a direct effect on Tinnitus or not.

I'm still quite sensitive to sound at the moment and still have a 'full' feeling but its not nearly as bad as it was after that storm i mentioned. The T is still present but low in volume and bothers me less than it did. Im hoping it will be gone before long but if it continues to improve Im happy. I've been avoiding noisey situations but I've got to get out before long. I love seeing live music but I won't go now without ear-protection!


Hi Johnny,

Thanks for asking. Yes I am feeling a bit better. I think the pills may have kicked in as well so the anxiety and weepy moments seemed to have tapered off a bit as well. We all feel able to cope just that bit better when we are light in our moods don't we.

The ear fullness has passed again but I am still getting earache although that doesn't seem as bad either. It's really strange how this can change daily. I've managed to not use my "rain"  sounds through the earphones as much. Well hardly at all actually over the last week or so and the other night I was able to fall asleep without any background sounds at all. That is a major leap for me and of course it does depend on how loud the T is at that particular time.

My hearing therapist asked me not to rely on the ipod sounds as much as I was doing. She wanted me to start to wean myself off it and use natural ambient noises. This is all well and good but until I get my hearing aids I do struggle to hear anyway.

So Johnny, your noise has stayed reasonably quiet then? As quiet as when you wrote that you thought it had GONE ?

I'm confused...I was told since I have pressure sensation in my left ear, T in both (louder is left) that I have cochlear or endolymphatic hydrops.

I did initially have H, but has dramatically subsided. The pressure sensation is not as bad as it was initially. I do take CAI for it. I don't know if I really need this poison IF PRESSURE SENSATION IS A COMMON SYMPTOM WITH T ALONE???? WHAT GIVES??

A pressure sensation does not typically accompany tinnitus, but it can in some cases.  A simple example is tinnitus due to serous otitis media.

The trick is to have your ENT focus on the pressure as a primary symptom rather than the tinnitus ... and then work the "puzzle" backwards from there.

"The trick is to have your ENT focus on the pressure as a primary symptom rather than the tinnitus ... and then work the "puzzle" backwards from there."

That sounds like a good plan. I still haven't seen ENT yet but the pressure feeling with earache has always been more of a problem for me than the 'T-noise'. Its weird how it just comes and goes. For a while I thought it was H but I can tolerate normal sound levels so Ive totally ruled that out.

I'm making steady progress now. Thank SP for your reassurance about my 'spike' a few weeks ago by the way, it came right back down after 2 days and is lower too! I'm starting to get some confidence back.

You are welcome, johnny.

Glad to be of help! 

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