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Dr. Nagler,

Thanks for reopening the site.

Would you please comment on this recent article from Italian researchers regarding stem cells.

Correct me if I am wrong, are they not doing stem cell experiments on humans for other disorders?

When do you believe they will be able to take a human and conduct this experiment, afterall there is no reason to induce hearing loss or tinnitus because millions of us are walking around with it already.

Welcome back,

Hi Mark -

I don't know a whole lot about tissue regeneration using stem cells, so I'm really not the guy to turn to for an "expert opinion."

From my understanding tinnitus and tinnitus-related distress both involve cortical re-organization (brain) in addition to any peripheral (ear) problems that might be involved in the process.  And from where I stand in all this, the cortical processes represent the rate-limiting step, which means that unless the cortical problem is effectively addressed, the brain will tend to seek out and magnify any signals at all that are generated in the periphery - no matter how pristine the regenerated cochlear hair cells might be.

That's my "non-expert" take on it anyway.  Great question, Mark.  I wish I had a better answer!

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