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For those who are going out to Vote on Tues.-

Just a reminder that some places can sound fairly, or very loud
to those of us with these hearing challenges- (like anyone here needs a reminder?)

One time that I went to vote, after getting these hearing challenges-
just the voices of the people working there sounded incredibly Loud to me-
I was grateful they were not busy at the time, if I had needed to wait, I surely would have wanted some earplugs.
Others did not think it was loud, but it was for me.
So If you are heading out to vote, please keep in mind that having some earplugs handy in case you want or need them-may not be a bad idea.

The thought that it may be noisy is not going to keep me from going to the polls.
I will vote. Even though my hearing is more sensitive today for some reason-
and I hope it is better tomorrow- I will go anyway-
as I feel that strongly about this election.
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