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Stringplayer,  Thank You for doing this.
(Creating this community)
For SP and everyone here-
I hope that,
Like the stars in the beautiful sky at night,
this board will come to shine brightly...
And like the light from those stars,
Help illuminate our minds
With inspiration and knowledge.

Just wanted to say hi-
and though I have been observing for awhile, I am new at this.
So if I do not know how to do something right, when it comes to a post-
or if I have a few questions about that, Please have patience.

I've been sensitive to sounds and had tinnitus for several years due to acoustic trauma.
(It sounded like the whole world was too loud, for a long time. And it has taken awhile to get to where I am now, where more sounds are tolerable, and fewer things cause setbacks.)

It is great to see that this community will address both tinnitus and hyperacusis,
And Maybe, since something like TRT can help for both -
Perhaps, there are some other similarities too.
 One similarity is there apparently are some caring people who have one or the other, or both.  In fact some of them may be reading this right now.
  Peace, Quiet, And Happiness to you,
       a Quieter Breeze

Welcome on board, aQuiterBreeze-

I've also got both T&H.  We have boards for tinnitus and one for hyperacusis, but here, we have both combined!  SP has got it all together for us folks with both maladies.

Hope you will feel relaxed and enjoy it here.
I know I am.

All the best,

Welcome to the Board - yes we have high hopes that this board will bring some light and information to all of us who deal with these issues.  Just having a place to go with a positive environment is going to be refreshing - your post sounds more like poetry than prose.  It will be good to have your contribution.


QB posted:

I hope that,
Like the stars in the beautiful sky at night,
this board will come to shine brightly...


QB, I've been trying to capture and bottle the feeling that came over me as I was reading your beautiful and eloquent post.

I couldn't do it.

It was
as if I were
standing outside
with my eyes closed in
a Quieter Breeze.

I am so sorry that you had need to find this place.
And I am so very glad that we can be here for you.




Wow, "guys" I am speechless. Thank you for the warm welcome!
You have given me quite a smile.
It is nice to be here.
Peace to all of you.

Hey QB,

Welcome and Niiiiiiice user name
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