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Thatch, tinnitus IS a perception.  Maybe try to keep that in mind?

Oh.. thats deep doc!

and i'll try to keep on open mind, just play it out for these next couple weeks. Just in a rough patch, and it very well could be just perception... but the mind is a very powerful tool! too bad we cant turn it off sometimes

Thatch posted:

Just in a rough patch, and it very well could be just perception...


Doesn't make it easier in the short run ... but it provides for some strategies in the long run.  Sorry you're having a difficult time of it right now.  I remember those days all-too-well.


but the mind is a very powerful tool! too bad we cant turn it off sometimes


I'm with you on that one!

Thatch, I think it might have been me that Dr. Nagler was referring to in his #20 post.  I did have my db's checked by an audiologist that is internationally known and a colleague of Dr. Nagler.  They did change.  The last time they tried to measure it he could not because it was one of those rare days when it just wasn't there to measure.  Complete silence in a sound proof booth for over 30 minutes.  Lot of head scratching going on because no one had ever encountered this before.  And Dr. Nagler is right - it is extremely rare but you will not know until you have a db check on a quiet day or absent day as mine was.  That said, it does not make any difference to getting on with a program of habituation.  What difference does it make?  It is just a sound.  It changes from day to day and week to week.  Sometime softer, sometimes louder and for me there are times I don't have tinnitus at all.  Never lasts more than a day and the next is always louder and then seems to taper off - or at least I taper off listening to it and that may be the key.  The more we are aware of what our tinnitus is doing the more attention we give to it and the more it implants itself into our every day life.  I don't monitor mine and I can't tell you when I had a quiet day last or even what it was doing the day before yesterday.  It's 8:45 a.m. this morning and I'm not sure what it was doing yesterday - I forgot to remember.  I was not aware of it this morning until I started sitting here typing about it I can hear it, sort of in the background.  It may get louder today, it may not.  But will it make a difference in what I do or don't do?  Not at all.   

i hear ya CPW,

This may sound like a really silly question-
but in another thread you mentioned something about hyperacusis-
And I wonder - Have you been experiencing any sort of "setback" as far hyperacusis goes?
Where other sounds sound louder- than they have been sounding to you recently?
(Other than your tinnitus)
I ask because during setbacks my Tinnitus will sound much louder sometimes -
than at other times. And sometimes it takes awhile to settle back down.

You mentioned-
I'll lie in bed, with my computer fan running, my xbox fan, my noise generator, and my tv with the sleep timer on just to drown out the ringing so i can fall asleep... but sure enough every night i wake up at around 1-3am, and im up for the night.

Also many around here have tinnitus that fluctuates with exposure to sound-
so I wonder, is it possible that some of the elevations in your tinnitus that you notice may  be caused in part by  all the sounds you are using in trying to drown it out?

I don't know, just a thought, because I know that some sounds will make my t spike,
and if those sounds quit, my t may settle back down a bit.

I just know that happens to me, and if I tried to add lots more sound, or certain sounds- during a spike- I think my t would seem louder.

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