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Lately, I will sometimes hear this weird UFO type sound in my head like two synthesized violins playing slightly different notes, beating against each other.  I have called this my sleep tinnitus, and it has always worn off as I would wake up.

Today, it's not wearing off.  I heard it early, and after getting up, it faded.  But after being up a few more minutes, it returned and isn't showing any signs of leaving as of yet.  This is definitely NOT my normal 't' sounds.  All I can do is hope it leaves and the old sounds I'm used to, if they have to be present, will return.  So far, I'm not wearing this new auditory battle scar very well.  When I get around the sound of the TV or any other sounds, it only gets louder.  Unmaskable.

I find it quite strange that the new noise has actually replaced your old familiar sounds. Could it be that the old sounds are still there but they are softer so you are not hearing them? If you focus on the new noise this will make it louder and drown out the other sounds.

When I've had a new noise appear its always been along side of the existing T noises already in my ear/head.

The additional noises have always gone away after a while leaving me back in my comfort zone if you like.

Hopefully that will happen to you. It's quite distressing isn't it when after months of hard work getting used to one noise, you are then greeted with another. Likes to keep us on our toes this T thing yes?


Hello, Mandy-

I imagine the old sounds are buried underneath this new one.  I've never had anything like this to hang on after getting up for the day.  It had stopped, but then started again after I was up a while.  I do hope it's like your noises, and will settle back down.  Mine usually do.  It's about to drive me out of my mind right now.

I've been used to my usual noises for years, had bad spikes, would get over them.  Maybe this is just another spike.  I hadn't thought of it like that.  Just a few days ago, it was so quiet, it was unbelievable!  I felt bad that day, but the noises were quiet anyway.  It truly is distressing, sudden, unexplained changes like this. 

Thanks for checking in with me.  May we both have normal (quiet) days.

Well, I had a few hours rest from that new noise, but it is once again, doing it's eerie sound.  I do hope that's not an indication of a permenant takeover, the way it keeps returning. 

Hi Tman,

just checking on how the strange new noise is doing? Is it still with you or gone?


Hello everyone,

To start off, i just want to say that it is an immense relief to discover this site. It's comforting to know that your not alone, and like Dr. Nagler said in a previous thread, even though you can express your situation to friends and family.. they never really can understand. However, you guys can, and for your posts of information, compassion and expression, i thank you.

I have a question, im curious as to if anyone else experiences these situations with they're T.

My T has been progressively getting worse for the past 7 months, every month is far more intense then the preceding month with zero relief to any previous T levels.

As of lately im sensitive to new things which i cannot stand!, such as kitchen stoves.. when turned on, the electric element screams so loud i cant hear anything else, also tv's are at they're worst ever.

Also, the "scanners" that scan bar-codes at grocery stores and other outlets are INTENSE, its almost so outrageous i look around me at the dozens of ppl around just flabergasted that no one can hear this!
Also on the list of things im now hearing are tones and frequencies from commercial lighting, computers, and most other electronic equipment like printers,fax machines etc. And im not talking about being able to detect they're lil ringing, or hum that all electronic machinery outputs... im speaking of intense high pitch screams from them.

anyone else in this boat?


Hello, fellow 't' survivors.  We are survivors and will keep on truckin'!

Well, Mandi, fortunately, the eerie 't' noise did go away, but now I'm dealing with an increase in left ear clicking when I talk or move my head wrong.  It seems to be an e-tube problem probably located near the throat end of it.  After eating and drinking, for a while, it seems better.  I think I've had this before and it would always settle.  This time, I don't know.  Drives me batty.

Thatch I hope things turn around for you soon.  I have a feeing they will given some time.  And yes, those scanners are very loud at checkouts.  These at Wal Mart rattle your teeth!

I just thought of something else that is very inconsiderate of merchants.  There is a grocery store here that plays rock music through the sound system some days, at window rattling volume.  And this is no small store- it is a huge part of the United Supermarket chain in Texas!  And all stores have their paging mikes cranked to break the lenses out of your glasses.  Even customers with normal hearing would do well to have ear plugs in these type establishments.  It's a loud world getting louder all the time.

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