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The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Community Board has been established as a forum for support, debate, and productive exchange of information regarding tinnitus, hyperacusis, and related disorders.  All who are committed to respectful and civil discussion of various issues pertinent to the tinnitus and hyperacusis communities are welcome.  If you are having difficulty registering to participate, please contact me by e-mail at

What constitutes "respectful and civil discussion?"  I would suggest that it is possible to express disagreement with ideas and opinions while not criticizing the individual voicing those ideas and opinions.  A good rule of thumb to follow is to avoid posting anything that the person to whom it is directed might consider awkward, embarrassing, or hurtful.  Obviously personal insults referencing participants on this board or other boards fall outside the boundaries of respectful and civil discussion.

There is no "off topic" section here.  If a participant feels compelled to post an important off-topic message, he or she should write "OT" in front of title of the post on the subject line. 

Proselytizing in any form is prohibited.  Purposeful misrepresentation is prohibited.  Advertising or promotion of products or services in which the individual posting has a vested financial interest is prohibited. 

Please do not refer to anybody who posts here by his or her real name (if you happen to know it) unless that person has made it clear that it is OK to do so.

Do not post links to any boards where the guidelines of this board are violated.

Do not post comments critical of the administration of other boards.

Threads discussing suicide are discouraged.  If somebody expresses suicidal ideations in a post, rather than responding please e-mail me immediately at so that I can contact him or her off the board and provide reassurance and resources.

If I believe that an individual's participation here is not in the overall best interest of the board and/or the individual, please be aware that I may take steps to block that person from posting.

Those who post in a manner that is inconsistent with the philosophy described above will be banned from the board.  The ban will usually be lifted immediately upon request provided that the person who is banned acknowledges that he or she understands the problem and agrees to adhere to these guidelines in the future.  A second ban will be permanent.

Thank you.  Here's to silent days ahead for all.

stephen nagler
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