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Hello everyone,
I haven't been here in a couple weeks and just wanted to update you all on how I am feeling. I moved to Paris 3 weeks ago. We are downtown near a busy street and on the ground floor next to the subway, so the apartment is noisy all the time except very late at night. There's also a built in fan that automatically runs all day long in the bathroom and kitchen. We can't turn them off. Soooo.... this has all been VERY VERY good for the tinnitus!! =) It masks the low pitched tinnitus all day and most of the night. Since I don't hear the t, I have been able to start feeling normal again. =) I have been keeping extremely busy setting up house, meeting new people and spending all that time I lost in the last 2 months with my baby.  I worry that she's running a little behind the other babies her age now due to my not being able to give her the attention she needed when I was so extremely depressed. But I am sure she will catch up.

Last week we made the trip to Strassbourg where I met with Dr Vogue (trained by Jonathan Hazel). I have to say I was NOT impressed. I had done a lot of research on TRT and even read sections of the TRT book beforehand, so in an hour and a half appt, there wasn't much more for the Dr. to tell me. In fact, he made a few assumptions about me and my life that kind of miffed me. First, he said, he didn't know why I would be having such a problem considering I have a "wealthy husband and live in a wealthy Paris neighborhood". Which couldn't be farther from the truth! We live in a nice neighborhood because we live with the in-laws because we can't afford our own place! Next, now I realize that the point of TRT is to think of the T as no big deal, but he called me a "flag waver" saying he really thought there was a disparity between the severity of my T and my reaction to it. I don't know, all I know is we spent a LOT of money to get to Strassbourg,  and I didn't learn anything more about TRT than I already knew, AND had to take an awfully uncomfortable test where he place electrodes on my head and played LOUD clack noises and white noise in my ears for quite a while.  I don't know what he was testing but now I am afraid the t is worse (not sure if it is or if I am just paying more attention to it though)

Anyway, I am doing better overall and feel like I can function again, though not from the TRT, only from the masking noises all the time. I still get annoyed and sad about the T, but since I don't feel like it's affecting my life all the time anymore, I don't obsess.  I am also still scared about how it will be after June when we need to leave this apartment and move to somewhere that may be quieter. I don't feel like I can truely habituate with the t masked as much as it is here.
Thanks for all your help when I was going through such a difficult time.

I'm glad you're doing better, cherie.  Regardless of why.

Your unfortunate experience in Straasbourg points out what I believe is the single biggest problem there is with TRT - there is no credentialing process.  So you really have no idea about the training or experience of the clinician beyond what he or she says.  In short ... there is no quality control!

Nice to hear about your improvement Cherie. If masking works for you, perhaps consider wearing a ipod of sort and download some natural sound or white noise to it. All the best.

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