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I am very pleased to find your new message board.  I have been visiting the Tinnitus Support Message board and suffering from Tinnitus since the summer of 1996.  Have learned a great deal about "T" from you and others from reading the posts during the past 12 years.  I have done TRT, take Ambien and .50 mg Xanax at bedtime for sleeping and use a fan for white noise, all of this I learned about on the message board and as my GP tells me, I know more about "T" than she does. 


Thanks for the kind words, John.

There is, indeed, a good deal of worthwhile information on message boards.  Unfortunately there is also a lot of MISinformation on message boards - and it's sometimes hard to tease out the good information from the not-so-good.

One thing to keep in mind is that the population of folks who post on these boards is not at all representative of the tinnitus/hyperacusis population at large.  Rather, the population on these boards is more representative of the distinct minority of folks with tinnitus/hyperacusis who have not done particularly well.  Or with few exceptions they wouldn't be here!  So many of the "pointers" to be gleaned from the posts on message boards are being offered with all good intentions by folks who might not necessarily be in the best position to be making suggestions about how to overcome your tinnitus/hyperacusis.  That does not make those points invalid by any stretch of the imagination.  It just means one should be a bit cautions.

I guess what we really need is a website:

Best to all!


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