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After reading some articles recently and seeing what has happened to the dynamic range of music in the last many years, I am glad that most of what I listen is older music on cd. (Especially when it comes to trying to regain my tolerances to sound)
It is really hard to believe what has been done by some in the music business, trying to make their music sound louder.

I know that loudness is a risk factor, when it comes to Tinnitus and Hyperacusis but I was not aware of what these articles make very clear.
Alot of music is mixed and apparently recorded differently than in the past,
And that can include "remasters" of older music as well.
As I read the following articles, I could not help but wonder if this is part of why
there seem to be more people all the time, coming down with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis from exposure to music that is too loud.

The following article(s) include some links for some music and I would remind everyone to turn your sound down or off, first - Before clicking on any of those.

The article itself explains, among other things, what Rob has been saying for a long time-
About the difference in the Quality, of the formats available for listening to music these days.

The Death of High Fidelity : Rolling Stone

The following was also pretty interesting -

I feel really fortunate as I read these and other articles - that what I have been listening to and also using to try to regain my tolerances to sound is mostly older music,  -  that still has those beautiful, subtle nuances to to be heard.

Again- please remember to turn your sound down or off- if you check out any of the links that contain music.

i found this very interesting,
it may explain why some music just "goes down" better with me....
Hi Patti,

I really wondered why I had to turn something way down on my car radio- before turning it off. But I really think it was a new "mix" of an old classic, - though I can't be sure. Like I have said, my hearing may just still be really sensitive.
But I could not listen to it - I tried before turning it off though.

And I also think about what someone on the hyperacusis board said about a rock concert she went to- (that she said was too loud for everyone, if I remember right)
Something else is I wonder, is -  how many artists try to make their live performances (concerts) sound like their albums?
(So If their current albums are recorded to sound extra loud, do they try to mimic that effect when they preform? I would not know, as it has been a long time since I have been to a concert, but I know concerts can be pretty loud in the first place-
(and now they also have subwoofers, and I wonder how widely used those are by bands when they perform?)

Here is another article that I found interesting for a few reasons,
One is the article  mentions something about music making people sick - and also about what sounds like certain techniques that are used, causing "fatigue and  even pain" -
(of course as I read it, I thought about some around "here" who have mentioned symptoms of pain and even illness due to noise exposure, though it would be hard to know if there is any connection between those cases and - with what this article talks about, but it did make me think, and wonder.)
Why music really is getting louder - Times Online
thanks, aqb,
i find this amazing information.
i am glad i listen to music, which for the most part is pretty "alternative" and non-commercial for the most part.
but i feel 'alerted'
thank you -
wow... i will not listen again to music the same way, but that's a good thing
i know even now when i listen to the radio i have to be very careful when they sometimes put on sound effects in the middle of a talk show!
i try to restrict myself to very little radio.
almost none, at this point.
of course, hopefully, with sound therapy, we can learn to tolerate these things better, too.

Hi Patti,

I know what you mean about sound effects- good point.
(though I do not listen to many radio talk shows these days)
the sound effects get me when used on tv too -
Some things I am finding more tolerable in general though, with the tv- and many other things as well -
but my sensitivity to sounds still goes back and forth alot.
(Overall it is getting better though and to be able to listen to,
and enjoy what I can- in the way of music - is a truly wonderful.)

Since reading those articles and others, I do take closer note of what is on the radio-
 and notice the contrast in some of the music I hear on the radio- some sounds so nice,
and some sounds like I mentioned- like maybe it is a re-mix of old stuff, and for some reason the re-mix or newer version - sounds so different than what I would expect. Some really lacks what I would call the "depth" to it. And maybe now I know why though- but like I said- it could still partially be my hearing- as not everything sounds good, or tolerable to me yet either.

But more does all the time,
And I hope you will be saying that more sounds good to you as well - very soon :-)
i also have a theory, that perhaps kids today have a kind of adhd so that they can't actually hear the subtlety and nuances that we can, they've lost the ability to discern, since they've been so blasted for so long...

hence the vicious cycle continues with the remixes... the old stuff would be lost on them. they wouldn't "get it"....

they'd think this old stuff was flat, boring.

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