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What have been the most helpful natural sound CDs that you guys have used in your recovery please?  I got a free 'Gentle Rain' CD with a Sound pillow speaker months ago and have downloaded mp3 of gentle river and also "drifting in a calm bay" (rarely use) "underwater cave". 
I tried to find a 'gentle' sea cd, you know, waves lapping onto the shore rather than crashing, but couldn't find one.
What would you recommend?  All suggestions of what you use/used would be helpful....
Also, I'm trying Rob's music protocol he wrote for me recently.  In order to do it though, I'm finding I can only use/bear one CD which is 'Meditations from Solitude' by John Michael Talbot because it is fairly 'samey' in terms of each track, no loud percussion or loud choirs. Well, you know what I mean.  I did try some of my other Christian music (positive uplifting lyrics, unlike a lot of the secular music I used to listen to a lot) like Amy Grant (Hymns), John Pantry (Best of) and Michael Card (Legacy/First Light) but they were no good - too much fluctuation and percussion!  I'm going to get bored pretty quickly unless I find something else that is gentle, no sudden changes of pace, drums, etc.  Gentle guitar music seems OK for my ears.  John Pantry did my head in though...!!
Is there anything you can suggest that I could buy as a change - even another JMT album would suffice but I just don't know what's out there.  Did you have gentle albums you can suggest at all?  I'd be so very grateful.

where did you get a pillow speaker?


Brook/Stream most effective. Plliow speaker from Radio Shack:  $20, a MUST.  cb

Hi Thatch

are you in the UK? I got a pillow speaker from a company called "Puretone" based in the uk. It was a very nice pillow which had two small speakers hidden inside so you couldn't feel them when you placed your head on it. It had a lead that could be plugged into radio's, MP3 players Ipods etc so you could have your own sounds on.

My only problem was that I am quite deaf so I couldn't hear the music/sounds which actually defeated the object entirely so I returned the product and they refunded my money. They do lots of aids in their shop.

no im not in the UK, Im in Canada, but i'll look into this Puretone, see if they have sister stores here or if they ship here
Re Pillow speaker

Sorry, can't remember where I bought it but it came from USA and wasn't a pillow, but a speaker that goes under a pillow - a sort of black fabric rectangle with speakers in each end.  No longer use it but prefer to use a large speaker by side of bed and plug my ipod into that - plays rain or pink noise softly all night.

So nobody's got any advice on natural sound CDs then??

I've been using the Petroff DTM (Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation) Cd's for years.

They come as a Six pack of CD's. Heres a brief description.

CD1 E-Water
is a computer synthesized high velocity water sound.
Recommended for use while talking or listening to other sound sources, such as a TV or stereo. It is also well suited when masking for many hours per day.

CD2 E-Air
is a computer synthesized high velocity air sound.
Recommended while working or reading

CD3 E-Nature
is a computer synthesized high velocity cricket sound.
Recommended either when it proves to be optimally effective for your particular tinnitus, or at background levels while resting or relaxing.

CD4 E-Water + Relaxation
Combines the masking sounds of CD1 with natural background rain sounds.
Generally more suited for use while relaxing or falling asleep.

CD5 E-Air + Relaxation
Combines the masking sounds of CD2 with ocean sounds. and gentle music.
Generally more suited for use while relaxing or falling asleep.

CD6 E-Nature + Relaxation
Combines the masking sounds of CD3 with relaxing brook sounds.
Generally more suited for use while relaxing particularly during evening hours.

Each CD produces a steady monotonous sound. They can all be played at a very low level and still mask/take the edge off my tinnitus. In my experience they are so superior to the sound machines I was using before, I would not use anything else.
I use the nature sound through a sound pillow at night. Works wonders. Highly recommended.
Unfortunately I dont know where to get them. I think the original site I bought them from closed down, Though a Google search should come up with something.


Kenda asked:

What's your favourite natural sound CDs?


Here's mine:

Dr N

Thanks very much for that link - there are other CD's too that look interesting and I've never seen these ones before.  It would just be nice to have something different for a change.

Thanks again to you!


K,  I use FM static thru my pillow speaker, you can buy FM smooth static CD's online but I just use my small transister radio.  It helps me alot.

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